Our Mission

Urban Tech Center (UTC) Bay Area is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in bringing customized tech enrichment and computer literacy programs to learners of all ages and backgrounds. Our minority led Instructors come from top areas in tech and they are committed to being leaders and mentors to the future tech generation.

Over the last few years, UTC has brought tech education programs to different underserved schools and organizations to teach programming, coding, web development, and design skills to students and adults all over the Bay Area. Our aim is free technology learning for all but we can not do it with out the support of the people. Join us in our quest to bring programs to communities worldwide.



"Our ultimate goal is to bring FREE technology programs to underprivileged communities world wide. Tech skill building can lead to business ownership, employment and careers and an encourage contribution to the growing field of tech. We're hear to mentor Adults, Children, Seniors and the like in hopes of encouraging growth in the field."

— L.E. Nichols, Founder (UTC)


We believe in Technology for All!

Every individual deserves the opportunity to learn and be exposed to prevalent 21st-century computer skills. UTC’s mission is to provide the opportunity to teach and inspire learners of all ages through mentorship-based tech education and computer science programs all over the Bay Area, Northern California and beyond. UTC’s vision is to help shape a generation of technology savvy innovators that will thrive in our tech-driven world. Our programs are anticipated to stretch nationwide by 2019.