Our Programs

Our programs are heavily tech related, thus our name, Urban Tech Center. From Web Development, to Mobile App Development, to Graphic Design with Creative Cloud to Entrepreneurship and Crypto Tech. Our programs prepare you to start your own freelance business or keep learning and your new skill to land that job in tech that you've always dreamed of. Communities where UTC operates programs and workshops will birth qualified individuals with healthy skills in the demanding field of technology.


Engineering & DEVELOPMENT

As a result of our engineering and development programs, our students will show proficiency in key development processes including the Software Development Lifecycle and Agile methodology, just as they would if they were working in a real world tech startup. Concentrations from: Web, Game & App Dev.

Technology & ROBOTICS

Network Design, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Repair, Security and IoT, Robotics and similar areas of technology are in-demand and are said to be the emerging factors in the coming years. UTC partners with companies like Raspberry Pi Foundation and others to bring programs like these to the community.


For the creatives, go from design to concept by learning industry standard art and media softwares like Photoshop and Illustrator to create production ready web and print graphics for any occasion. Programs like this prepare students for freelance careers in art and graphic design.


We're mentoring individuals to learn a new skill(s) as if they are the next big start-up business owner. Your mentor will begin  your program with setting 4 main-goals and emphasize them throughout the program to help you meet your goal by graduation. Every skill you obtain puts you on the fast track to help you build your business or land a role in the company of your dreams.